It Suits You: Choosing the Best Suit for Your Body Type

Insider Tips for Stepping Up Your Suit Game

When is an off the rack suit ever an acceptable choice in men’s fashion? It’s not.

Let’s go back to geometry class for a second. We’re talking shapes here. People talk a lot about body type and shape, and for good reason. Speaking in extremely basic terms, us men can fall into a few different shapes – cone, triangle, trapezoid, rectangle. Those may be short trapezoids, tall triangles, or medium rectangles. That variation is the number one reason that custom suits exist.


A cone shaped man has broad shoulders and a narrow waist. It’s a fairly common body type for athletes – and though it may seem ideal, it can be difficult to fit. Being bulkier on the top half of your body can make shirts too short and tight around the neck. A few pointers for accentuating the V shape include sporting slim-fit shirts and narrow trousers, but avoiding peak lapels and pocket squares.


Flip a cone upside down and you’ve got a triangle. These are the men who carry a little bulk right around the waist and this is where you’ve got to pay attention to the rules of men’s fashion. Bigger doesn’t equal better – it equals sloppy. That doesn’t mean a triangle type should wear a tight suit, it means working with proportions. Things like structuring the shoulders, tucking in your shirt, and wearing suspenders to find perfect balance at the waist.


Chop the points off of the cone and you’ve got a trapezoid. It’s the average body type. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to fit. It gives more flexibility to making bold fashion choices – a trapezoid can cash in on those head-turning prints that a triangle can’t. What’s key for them is emphasizing the definition they have since it’s not very pronounced. Tapered jackets and trousers are your best friend.


Even out all the angles and you find a rectangle. These are often the skinny guys, and though they don’t have to worry about looking heavy, they do risk appearing boxy when wearing the wrong suit. They should work on creating the illusion of brawny shoulders with a structured jacket, pairing that with a slim fit shirt and skinny pants.
And what about the tall guys? What about the short men? I could go on about custom suits all day – but I’d rather have you book an appointment with us so we can talk about it in person.