What people say:

Neil Bruntlett
Neil B.
22:43 22 Nov 22
It was a great experience from picking the Tux, lapels, shirts, cuffs, right down to the buttons!! Highly recommend it as its custom made for you! Neil
Darren Erdely
Darren E.
01:48 15 Nov 22
I went for my first custom suit. The experience and product exceed my expectations. There were so many options it was a bit daunting but was helped through the process in a professional manner that made it easy. I will definitely be going back.
Matt A
Matt A
03:05 30 Oct 22
Custom suits any size any styleProfessional courteous knowledgeableA world class business
Ahmed Elmallah
Ahmed E.
00:17 29 Oct 22
I bought a tuxedo and a few shirts, and was extremely impressed with the result - highly recommend
Aaron Narayan
Aaron N.
04:42 18 Oct 22
In 2019 I had a beautiful 3 piece suit custom made here for my wedding in Bali. Every detail was done custom for what I requested from the stitching of the wedding date inside to the black panther lining inside.My groomsmen accompanied me to the appointment and decided to get suits made for them selves as well. We were treated to some beverages and were able to relax and enjoy the process.When I went back to pick up my suit I decided to get a dress shirt made as well. Unfortunately when the shirt was ready it was slightly too short. The shirt was sent off to a tailor and an additional 2 inches of fabric were added to the bottom so that I could have it for my wedding day. A couple weeks after my wedding I was informed that they had another shirt made for me in the proper length and it was free of charge to make up for the error.Overall I don’t think I’d go anywhere else for a custom suit. I looked great for my wedding and I still wear it when ever I get the chance. I definitely need to go back and get another blazer made soon.I recommend Suits by Curtis Eliot to all of my friends and am currently in the process of convincing my soon to be brother in-law to get his from here as well.
Oriana Bryan
Oriana B.
02:02 02 Oct 22
Always amazing service and quality custom men's dress shirts, pants and suites.
Nick Algar
Nick A.
21:11 08 Sep 22
Had a great experience with Sean, and the shirts I got make me look good! Thanks a lot!
21:49 07 Sep 22
I came to Curtis Eliot after having little luck finding what I wanted elsewhere and I’m so glad I did.The fabrics are all high quality and the selection is staggering - you can be as wild or as tame as you like. I was able to get exactly what I was looking for, lining and all.As someone with atypical proportions, finding clothing that fits well is challenging, and suiting has been always been a massive struggle. Turnaround was super quick, and when my suit came it fit me like a glove. The feeling and confidence that comes with wearing a suit that was literally made for you can’t be overstated.You’d be hard-pressed to find a suit of equivalent quality at the same price anywhere else. The value of a custom suit from Curtis Elliot absolutely can’t be beat.
Todd Thull
Todd T.
21:09 26 Aug 22
Best customer service in the business along with first class custom suits at reasonable prices.
Jason Downey
Jason D.
22:51 24 Aug 22
Easily the best “retail” experience I’ve ever had. Purchased a tuxedo for my wedding and Sean was meticulous down to the last detail. The 1-on-1, appointment based shopping leaves the customer feeling completely satisfied. You won’t only leave with a perfect fitting suit, you will also leave with a greater knowledge of how to style your suit. I have already recommended him and will continue to recommend his business to anyone in need of a suit.Thanks again.
Kale Whitehouse
Kale W.
08:08 18 Aug 22
Really great service and delivery was on time. Felt rushed through the first appointment with picking options for the suit. Definitely know what you are looking for before this first appointment. Strongly recommend
Brody Hladun
Brody H.
17:35 16 Aug 22
Awesome experience! Definitely will be back. Sean is someone who can truly help you customize exactly what you need for a big day or a Suit for any day. Make sure you give a custom suit a go! It’s well worth it 👌🏻
Kyle Vidic
Kyle V.
17:57 15 Aug 22
I'm a repeat customer and like all my other experiences in the past, the service and product is top notch!
Ron Burkholder
Ron B.
18:15 12 Aug 22
Very straight forward and smooth process from beginning to end. Suit and shirt fit was impeccable, I would not hesitate to recommend Suits by Curtis Eliot to anyone looking to elevate their look beyond off the rack.
George Reynoso
George R.
21:16 08 Aug 22
Amazing quality and even better customer service 👏
Raynaldo Kusuma
Raynaldo K.
17:37 06 Aug 22
Excellent service. Suit was delivered on time and perfectly.
Rick Reinhardt
Rick R.
15:04 04 Aug 22
Entire process from start to finish was above expectations. Figured it would just be another suit but this time custom fit….not the case at all. Sean makes you feel like a million bucks from the minute you walk in and all the way through pickup day.He just knows his product and craft so well that you have full confidence in him from the start.I’ve bought some expensive name brand suits before and always thought that would be as good as it gets, I was completely wrong. A custom made suit by Sean is 110% the way to go if you want to stand out while everyone else looks the same.Price point was also great for the quality of suit you get with all the attention to detail and knowledge behind each piece as well. Timelines were exactly as told too, no delays at all.Highly recommend Suits by Curtis Elliot if you have never had a custom made suit before. You won’t be disappointed.Thanks again Curtis (Sean).
Jon Muirhead
Jon M.
12:18 28 Jul 22
Excellent service, suit fits like a glove and looks amazing.
E Bailey
E B.
02:11 20 Jul 22
My experience at suits will go down as one of my all-time best experiences as a consumer. Sean is a top-tier professional and super friendly. While constructing the tux for my wedding he educated me, so that I understood why I was choosing 'A' over 'D'.My tux is spectacular and i've never been more excited to wear something.
Kris Jacobsen
Kris J.
01:02 19 Jul 22
Sean is a great guy to deal with! He knows his stuff and the results are top notch. The suit was for my wedding and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. My brother and father also received the Curtis Elliot treatment. When you go custom, you definitely won’t buy off the rack again.