What people say:

Kyle Blomquist
Kyle B.
22:52 09 May 24
Sean is amazing. He was knowledgeable and patient when I was uncertain about some steps in the process. After a short wait I now have the 3 piece suit and shirt of my dreams. Thanks Sean
Julia Senczyna
Julia S.
00:24 15 Feb 24
Curtis is awesome! I was an emotional bride and he handled my situation with compassion. Very great guy to work with and does awesome work! Thank you very much!
Leah Rackel
Leah R.
21:49 05 Oct 23
My husband had his tuxedo made by Sean recently for our wedding. The entire tux turned out fantastic and looked incredible! High quality with many personalized details, we were extremely happy with how it all turned out. Only word of advice, try to know what you want before you go in for your first appointment. There are so many details to pick including the type of material, collars, buttons, interior pattern etc and if it’s your first time getting a custom suit it can be overwhelming. The appointment did feel a bit rushed with little advice given, but we do understand it’s all very personal decisions and Sean did give his opinion when asked. Overall we were happy and would recommend Suits by Curtis Elliot.
Khendra R
Khendra R
16:48 25 Sep 23
As a larger man, I can struggle to get clothes that fit just right. So for my wedding I decided to get a custom, made-to-measure, 3 piece suit and dress shirt. The process was straightforward. I booked an appointment, got measured and then picked from the large variety of options for my suit. There were tons of options for colours, linings, buttons, embroidering and just about anything on the suit. I wound up getting a nice dark green that I struggled to find pretty much anywhere else and overall the quality was good, it held up to the rigours of wedding day just fine.
Ivan Necula
Ivan N.
14:54 22 Aug 23
Joshua cust
Joshua C.
18:39 13 Jun 23
The owner was amazing to deal with. He had an amazing selection of styles and patterns to suit my needs.
Geoffrey Moreau
Geoffrey M.
17:01 05 Jun 23
Great service, great advice and everything delivered as promised. I would recommend and will continue to make future purchases here.
Mas0n Case
Mas0n C.
22:01 03 Jun 23
Went in for a wedding suit never having been through the custom process. It was incredibly easy and fun! Suit came out perfectly and incredibly quickly! 10/10 Would recommend!
Karamveer Panesar
Karamveer P.
16:56 15 May 23
Great custom suits! Highly recommend.
Brad Switzer
Brad S.
22:42 06 May 23
I’ve been getting suits made here for over 10 years. Every time I get a new one made I’m reminded about how easy it is, how perfect the suit fits and how fun it is to pick/design all the little details. Thanks again Suits by Curtis Eliot. I’ll be back very soon.
Anthony Asquin
Anthony A.
02:56 23 Apr 23
Marc Laplante
Marc L.
19:44 18 Mar 23
Great experience 10/10 recommend.
Mark Joy
Mark J.
02:30 12 Mar 23
Was an awesome experience!!Will definitely be back for my next graduate and maybe even myselfThanks
Samrath Dhaliwal
Samrath D.
23:41 01 Mar 23
Great job as always! Suits fit like a glove!
Rodney North
Rodney N.
14:35 16 Feb 23
First custom made suit, process was smooth and enjoyable.
Ronald Yun
Ronald Y.
23:52 11 Feb 23
It is my first time getting a tailor made suit and it is for my wedding. The entire process was very pleasant. I was on a tight schedule and he was able to provide me the suit in the timeline that they promise.Not to mention the person who did my suit was very professional and know his stuff around suits. Cause I have little knowledge to a suit. The person basically walked me through the entire process. And he was able to made any kind of suit, you just have to let him know.Overall it is an amazing suit and gave me a huge boost of confidence at my wedding and not to mention I like fresh as hell.To anyone trying to get a suit here, I highly recommended it but only one thing to mention is the guy doesn't like to talk as much. Do not expect a full on enthusiastic conversation. He will still answer questions and made suggestions if you ask him but at the end of the day, you are getting what your money worth and he will get the job done and do it phenomenally well.(P.S. I requested my pants to be that short, it is not a mistake)
Bill Brama
Bill B.
03:27 09 Feb 23
Awesome service! Suits by Curtis KNOW suits. Professional, knowledgeable and fashionable! Did I mention reasonable? Sure, you could go to Harry Rosen and choose a suit off the rack. It’ll never fit as well as a Suit by Curtis!
Matthew Kierstead
Matthew K.
15:52 04 Feb 23
Sean was great to work with. He was punctual and delivered on-time. The suit needed only minor alterations during the first fitting and was then good to go. If you appreciate the little details that can be put in a suit you will enjoy having it custom tailored here.
Peter Herritt
Peter H.
16:26 01 Feb 23
Awesome experience... more suits on to be ordered because it is so easy....Peter
Bryan Gauthier
Bryan G.
16:34 31 Jan 23
My custom tuxedo turned out awesome. Couple of hiccups during the process but Shawn made it happen and it turned out great!