Why SUITS by Curtis Eliot?

Because no man fits “off the rack”

Suits off the rack are designed for mass market, meaning they are meant to fit a wide range of body types. Unfortunately this also means that they don’t fit any one body type particularly well. This might be great for designers and brands mass-producing their garments, but it leaves men everywhere with generic, ill-fitting suits.

SUITS by Curtis Eliot believes that every man deserves a suit that not only fits him, but shows off his personality as well. It’s why all of our suits are made-to-measure, allowing you to choose how you want each piece to look, fit and feel. Our tailors work with you to create a truly unique suit, from the fabric and lining all the way down to the smallest details, such as stitching.


Our 3 Step Process

Traditionally, buying a custom tailored suit is a long, difficult, and expensive process. SUITS by Curtis Eliot has created a simple, affordable process to bring custom suits to everyone! Our three step process allows for your input through every step of the process, allowing you to take control and design a suit that is as unique as you are. Our expert tailors are here to assist and advise you to ensure you get a custom suit that you’ll absolutely love! 


1) Choose your style

Pick from hundreds of different styles and cuts of jackets, overcoats, shirts, vests, and accessories. From classic cuts to modern show-stopping looks, we have suit styles for everyone and anyone!


2) Customize your suit

When we say custom we really mean it! Choose from over 3,000 different suit fabrics, 7,000 different shirt fabrics, 500 topcoat fabrics and hundreds of options for buttons and buckles too! Mix-and-match for your own custom look.

Add personalized details for that extra special touch. Why not have your wedding date added to the inside of your suit jacket? Or, put your initials on your shirt cuffs instead. Unique buttons, hidden messages, and more! The possibilities are truly endless.


3) Get your measurements

In the final step our tailors will take your measurements, allowing them to expertly craft the custom garments you’ve designed. You can have your fully custom suit ready in as little as 10 business days! We’ll keep your measurements on file to make it even easier the next time you want to design a custom piece.