Wedding Suits

SUITS by Curtis Eliot offers custom suits for grooms and wedding parties. To ensure that your suits is ready in time for the big day, we recommend that grooms and wedding parties start the custom suit process at least six weeks prior to the wedding date. Creating custom clothing, whether it be a dress shirt or a three piece suit, takes time. The more time you allow for the process, the more enjoyable the overall experience will be!


Creating a custom suit for your wedding consists of the following steps:

Get Measured

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for suits. We want to ensure that your suit fits perfectly which is why we start off the custom suit process by taking measurements. Taking initial measurements allows us to ensure your suit has the best possible fit with no guess-work needed.

Select a Style

There are countless styles of suits available. Not every suit is appropriate for every occasion. More importantly, not every suit works for every body type. Choosing the right style for your body can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what to look for. This is where our stylists comes in.

 Our team of stylists have a keen eye for fashion and design, cultivated over years of experience in the business. They can help you choose the perfect suit for your body type to ensure that you look and feel great on your wedding day.

Personalize Your Suit

custom-button-holes-suits-by-curtis-eliotThe best part about creating a custom suit is the ability to tailor it specifically to your personality! Our process allows you to customize every detail including the fabric, linings, colours, patterns, button styles, ties, accessories, and more! We even allow for personal touches such as adding your initials to your shirt cuffs or including your wedding date inside your suit jacket to make pieces that are truly unique to you.

It’s important that your suit has a theme and palette so that the pieces are cohesive, working together to create the perfect look. If you need guidance, don’t worry! Our stylists are here to help you choose complementary elements that match your style and personality. 

Final Fitting & Alterations

Even though your suit is created specifically to your measurements, it may still require a few final adjustments to ensure everything fits just right. This is why the final fitting is a crucial part of the process. Come in, try on your suit, and allow us to to make those last alterations to ensure that you look your absolute best at your wedding.


SUITS by Curtis Eliot offers a personalized formal wear experience for grooms, wedding parties, and more! Whether you’re recently engaged, attending a wedding, or want to learn more about the custom suit process, our team can help. Contact us today and start the process.