man with red pocket square

How to Fold A Pocket Square

One seemingly simple question: one million and one (or at least 52) answers. How exactly do you fold a pocket square?

Whether you’re headed to a work function, a wedding, or simply want to spruce up your everyday business casual wear – a pocket square is just the way to do that. But be warned: you can’t just throw your pocket square in your pocket all loosey-goosey and call it good, oh no no no.

Luckily for you, we are here to teach you how to fold a pocket square properly. Follow our simple guide and you’ll be a pocket-square pro in no time.

Fold Your Pocket Square Like A Pro: Here’s How

Of course, we couldn’t possibly cover all of the ways you could style this little piece of fabric in one short article, but worry not. This quick little guide will cover some of the most common (and most stylish) folds you could opt for.

The One Point

Classic, simple, and great for both formal and casual pocket square needs.

    1. Fold your square diagonally down the middle, forming a triangle.
    2. At the base of the triangle, fold the corner inward on one side, and then the other.
    3. Make each fold equal in size and ensure the base of the square is now approximately the same size as your pocket. The pocket square should now look like a little envelope.
    4. Slide the pocket square into your pocket, flat edge down, until only the triangular top is visible above your pocket.

The Two Point

A little more flair than the one point, but just as easy to make.

    1. Fold diagonally, but angle the fold slightly off-center so that one corner lies to the left of the other.
    2. Along the base of the triangle, fold one of the corners inward, and then fold the other corner inward over top of it.
    3. Once again, ensure that the folds are equal in size and that the finished product is the same width as your pocket.
    4. Slide the pocket square into your pocket, flat edge down, until only the double pointed top is visible above your pocket.

The Presidential

A sharp, clean, and elegant addition to any jacket.

    1. Fold the square in half from right to left.
    2. Fold in half again, this time from left to right, leaving a gap at the right edge.
    3. Fold in half yet again, this time from top to bottom.
    4. Finish by folding the bottom up and behind the front. Adjust the fold to ensure the pocket square is the same width as your pocket.
    5. Slide the pocket square into your pocket until only the top edge of the square is visible.

The Puff

Not the most formal of folds, but fashionable nonetheless.

    1. Start by pinching the pocket square at the center, letting the edges and corners hang down.
    2. Adjust the pocket square so it hangs evenly all around.
    3. Gently take the dangling edges and pull the square into a loose tube shape.
    4. Roll the tube up from the bottom until the pocket square is short enough to be tucked into your pocket.
    5. Slide the pocket square into your pocket until only the rounded top of the puff is visible.

The Inception

Slightly more difficult, but all the more fun. It’s a pocket square within a pocket square – or is it?

    1. Start with your square lying in a diamond shape.
    2. Slightly roll the corners in and keep rolling until the two sides meet in the middle.
    3. Fold the bottom portion up and under.
    4. Fold the sides over to envelope the upper portion.
    5. Slide the pocket square into your pocket until only the peaked top portion of the square is visible above your pocket.

A Few Extra Tips and Tricks

Sure, knowing how to fold your pocket square is probably the most important aspect of wearing one – but we should probably let you in on a few of the unspoken rules. (You know, to keep you ahead of the game).

  • Your pocket square should never directly match your tie. Instead look for something that complements the overall look.
  • Match your fold to the occasion.
  • Size does matter. If your pocket square is too small it will slip down inside your pocket.
  • A white pocket square is always a good idea.

Now that you know all of the best ways to fold and style your pocket square, you’re probably going to need a nice new suit to go with it. Drop by either our Edmonton or Calgary location and we will be more than happy to get you dressed – in our best.