man wearing formal shorts in mountains at sunset

Should I Get A Suit With Shorts?

Summer is here, which may lead many of us to wonder: should I get a suit with shorts? To keep it short and sweet: yes! However, you can’t just pair any old shorts with your suit jacket and call it a day. You need the right shorts. That’s where we come in.

There’s more to this question than simply whether or not you should get a suit with shorts. Of course, if you live somewhere where the weather is warm or even if you only see that warm weather a few short months of the year (ahem… Alberta…), a shorts suit has the potential to become a staple outfit in your closet. That is, as long as you follow the rules of the shorts suit.

The Proper Fit

The most important aspect of a shorts suit is the fit. Too short or too long – it won’t work. Too tight or too baggy – yikes.

You want to ensure your shorts are the proper fit in order to look professional and put together. Anything else and you may end up looking like a schoolboy whose hand-me-down uniform isn’t quite the right size.

Unless that is the look you’re going for (which we’re sure it isn’t), then you’re going to want to follow these simple rules.

  • Ditch the ¾ length shorts – you aren’t going to the beach. Suit shorts should typically sit just above your kneecap. Shorter than this appears unprofessional and, well, just isn’t a good look. Longer than this and your legs will appear shorter than they actually are.
  • Stick to a skinny fit. Not only will loose or baggy fitting shorts appear unprofessional, but they will also make your legs look skinnier than they really are. And no one wants chicken legs, right? Make sure to pair your skinny shorts with a skinny jacket to keep your look cohesive. Once again, proportions are key.


Styling Your Shorts Suit

Next up is a brief look into Shorts Styling 101. Even if your shorts are the perfect fit the rest of the outfit still has the power to make or break your appearance.

Choose the right shoes

Remember to take into consideration that short suits are meant to be a more casual version of a typical suit (and that socks, especially high socks, and shorts are a big no-no). This means typical lace-up dress shoes are out of the question. Slip-ons, such as penny loafers or boat shoes (especially in brown or black leather) are a great option; they are sleek and stylish, yet casual, comfortable, and sock-free.

Colour is key

Short suits are a summer staple – meaning you will want to keep your fabrics and your colour palette light. Material wise, you’ll most likely want to stick with linens or cottons. When it comes to colour, we suggest staying away from anything too dark. Pastels are great; vibrant patterns can be fun (as long as they aren’t overdone); and white is always a good idea. Try mixing and matching patterns, colors, and even fabrics – just be careful that your pieces don’t clash. If mixing styles, it’s important to ensure that your pieces compliment one another.

Where to Wear It

Last but not least is knowing where and when to wear your new shorts suit. Even a perfectly fitted, beautifully styled shorts suit is not always a good idea.

Summer wedding? Sure. Weekend at the country club? Of course. Sipping spritz at a beach bar in the Italian Riviera? Heck yeah. At the office? Maybe not. As much as you may want to, wearing shorts to work  is probably not appropriate, especially if  your dress code is formal in nature.

If you are hopping on the shorts suit train, make sure you are pulling them out for the proper occasions – otherwise you may end up looking the fool, rather than the cool guy.

If you are ready to give this trend a try, come on down to one of our locations and we’ll get you rocking this summer trend in no time.