How To Look Better In Your Suit

Let’s get straight to the point, there are a lot of guys out there who have a suit but just don’t get the reaction they want when wearing it. Why? It all comes down to a few simple things you can avoid and some tips you can follow.

1. Stop Shopping Off The Rack – Go Custom!

No man fits “off-the-rack” suits. It is very rare that you will ever find a suit straight off the rack that is going to fit you perfectly. Don’t settle for an ill-fitted suit. Getting your suit customized can seem like a process if you are used to shopping off the rack. It does not have to be. The end result is an incomparable perfect fit. Going custom gives you the freedom to choose the style you desire that suits you best.

2. Alterations are a Must

If you have already purchased your ready-to-wear suit and it has potential, your next stop is to see a tailor. Even if the suit is your size, it is possible that your sleeves are too wide, or perhaps the shoulders have transformed you into a linebacker. How about your waist? A baggy fit is an absolute no-no and you certainly don’t want the bottom of your pants dragging on the floor.

3. Fasten Up

To look your best, it is a must that when standing, your jacket is buttoned. You can sometimes get away with leaving the bottom button unfastened depending on how many you have.

4. Down To Your Feet

The saying is true, “you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes on his feet.” You’re a classy man, don’t ruin a perfect suit with worn down shoes. So, maybe your shoes aren’t worn down but rather, out of style. If they are a clunky square-toe, have an exaggerated pointy-toe or a thick rubber sole, toss them now. Get yourself some oxfords, brogues or monk straps and keep them clean!

5. Finishing Touches

Sometimes it pays to keep it simple, but a little flair does not hurt. Something as easy as a lapel pin or pocket square can take you to the next level. Perhaps adding a pop of color will do the trick, it is up to you.

Now that you have some helpful tips on how to look your best in a suit, it’s time to put them into action. Make your appointment today at Suits By Curtis Eliot, we are an international custom-made menswear company. We specialize in made-to-measure suits Because No Man Fits Off the Rack.