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I’ve often fantasized about the days when I could walk into a suit shop and be hand measured by tailor, covered in chalk and pins, while a custom suit was crafted in the back room just for me. A perfect fit. Obviously those are days long gone. What with big retailers selling discount suits and the labour cost of local quality tailors constantly rising, those days are a memory that only our parents and grandparents were able to live out.

I am an oddly shaped guy. I can never seem to find an off-the-rack suit that fits my shoulders without feeling way too big in the chest and waist. So, when I heard whispers of a modern day tailor around town, I knew I had to track him down and make an appointment.

When I found Suits by Curtis Eliot in the Scotia Place building downtown, I was greeted by operator and tailor, Sean Farmer. After a quick greeting and introduction, he asked me about my individual style and what I expected in a suit, then we started looking at fabric. Suits by Curtis Eliot offers over 1500 suit fabrics varying in price and quality from all over the world—Italy to England. I was happy to see that most of the fabrics were easy to afford; the one I picked was a light blue for a two piece suit, and it came in at about $400. Then, we moved on to the fun stuff! Farmer wasted absolutely no time asking what kind of lapel I liked, cuff links, collars, the list goes on. This suit was completely customizable.

By the time the measuring came around, I was expecting an experience like the one I dreamed about—being covered in chalk and pins, but I was definitely wrong. Farmer told me to walk into a 3D body scanner! I was a little apprehensive at first, but I decided to play along. I stepped into the scanner and stood still while it spun around me in circles. About two minutes later, I was staring at a 3D avatar of myself on a computer screen, covered in measurements. Farmer easily explained to me how my suit would be built based on my measurements and customization choices we chose together. By the time the appointment was over, I felt like I had just visited the tailor of my dreams, only a modern day one!

Fast forward ten days later, and my suit was ready. I had a second fitting with Farmer, just to make sure that everything fit precisely and was designed to my liking. I was absolutely amazed! This was the first suit I owned that fit properly in my shoulders, chest, and waist. Suits by Curtis Eliot truly delivered a custom suit with the service I would expect from a professional tailor. I can’t wait to go back.