To Three Or Not To Three: Should I Get A Three Piece Suit?

Let’s get this out of the way as early as possible – yes, you should own a three-piece suit! A properly fitted three-piece suit can be one of the most versatile items in your closet if you know how to wear it. Three-piece suits offer a timeless traditional look that is perfect for those “grey area” occasions in which a two piece suit isn’t enough and a tux is too much. Read on to learn some tips and tricks to make sure you feel and look great in your three-piece suit.

1. Make Sure Your Waistcoat Fits Properly

The distinguishing feature in a three-piece suit is the addition of the waistcoat, also known as a vest. Don’t let an ill fitting waistcoat take your outfit from fab to drab. Follow these guidelines:

  • The waistcoat should cover the trouser belt line. This creates a long, even surface of cloth from the top of the vest down to your ankles. Any glimpse of your shirt will ruin the harmony of the suit.
  • Watch the length of your waistcoat. When it comes to a three-piece suit, your pants should be fitted to your natural waist, which means your waistcoat doesn’t have to extend too long. This will avoid you looking like you have an abnormally long torso.
  • The waistcoat is meant to be worn close to the body. This means that it should be a tailored fit, and shouldn’t be baggy in any area. To improve the fit, you can also adjust your vest with the rear cinch.
  • Always leave the waistcoat bottom button undone. This will prevent unnecessary wrinkling and bulging.

2. Skip the Belt

If your pants and waistcoat are fitted correctly, your waistcoat should cover your belt area, making one unnecessary. More so, adding a belt to the mix may cause unattractive bulging. If your pants aren’t sitting well, or you’re heading to a formal event, consider adding suspenders to your look.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix & Match

The best thing about a three-piece suit is there are plenty of pieces (three in fact), for you to wear however you like. Try these different styling options for your next event, whether it be casual, smart casual, professional or formal:

  • Wear the vest with a button down and jeans
  • Wear the vest with another two piece suit you own, so long as it goes well
  • Leave the vest at home and just rock a two piece suit


Three-piece suits can be worn with or without a tie; the main rule is if you’re wearing the vest make sure you keep it buttoned or else you’ll lose the slimming fit it provides.
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