5 Solid Style Tips For Men

1. Be Assertive

At SUITS by Curtis Eliot, we recognize that one of the most common fashion faux pas that men make is exhibiting a sense of uncertainty in his dress. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of constantly changing trends as men in today’s fast-paced corporate world do not have the time to stop and reflect on a style that fits their personality.

We have an on-demand team of consultants who are ready to meet with you and make designing your wardrobe easier than ordering your morning coffee. You are guaranteed to achieve more in the corporate world by staying true to your own individual style. Make sure to stand out because no one rises to the top by imitating the crowd.

2. Dress for the occasion

Dressing up is not always dressing better. A poorly-fitting shirt or suit looks less fashionable than a properly tailored casual sport jacket with an open-neck shirt. Sometimes casual is better. Dress for the occasion while being mindful not to overdress. Don’t sacrifice your authenticity for an outfit that looks borrowed.

3. Forget about matching

Another blunder that men would do well to keep in mind is that matching is for weddings and funeral parlors, not your wardrobe.

4. Shoes speak volume

While talking about essential style rules we cannot fail to mention shoes. The quickest way to ruin any outfit is by wearing a scruffy and unpolished pair of shoes. Although they are the last thing to be put on in the morning before rushing out the door, they are also one of the first to get noticed.

It is tantamount to one’s success that you dedicate more time to properly caring for your shoes. One trick that will greatly enhance your appearance is to apply a healthy amount of polish onto your shoes the night before and make sure to buff off in the morning. This will give ample time for the wax to nourish the leather and give a superior finish.

5. Trash the tie

There’s a time and place for everything and while some occasions do call for wearing a tie; these times are few and far between. However, in doing so there must be more consideration placed on the choice of shirt. Let one of our stylists at SUITS by Curtis Eliot assist you in choosing shirts in colours that accentuate your natural skin tones or captivate any onlooker with a dazzling colour inside the collar or on the jacket itself.

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