Custom Made Clothing Care Tips – Dry Cleaning Edition

So fresh. So clean.

You wouldn’t go for years without showering, so why would you go for years without washing your suit? It’s understandable if you want to just break it in for a bit, but when stains start to appear and smells start to drift from the fabric – it’s probably time to make a change.

Since you’re investing a decent amount to purchase a quality suit, taking care of it is part of the investment. So to avoid ruining the crown jewels of your wardrobe, you’ve got to brush up on the most effective way to clean your suits. The best method? Dry cleaning.

Yes, dry cleaning is your one and only, but when do you know the time is right? There aren’t any hard and fast red flags for determining the perfect time for a cleaning, but when your quick spot cleaning and usual airing out isn’t taking away stains and odors that have found their way onto your suit, it’s probably time to bite the bullet and come clean.

But why can’t you just dry clean your stuff every week? Well, dry cleaning isn’t an entirely dry process; dry cleaners use a liquid solvent called perchloroethylene. Or just perc for short. Perc removes dirt, stains and oils from your clothes, but since it strips the fibers of their natural oils, too much dry cleaning will make wear and tear on your suit happen a whole lot faster.

There are a few tips you can keep in mind to keep your suits fresh between trips to the dry cleaners. Of course you want to brush off any food or dirt that may have accumulated on it while wearing it. This prevents them from sinking in and causing unpleasant smells and spots. You should rotate the suits you wear so that one isn’t getting completely exhausted. I know you’ve got your favorite – but give it a rest, man. Let it hang out. It’s good to let the air circulate around it for a day or two after wearing it. When you hang it back up, use a cover. A cloth cover allows air to circulate even though it’s covered, something a plastic cover can’t do. Use a steamer to clean and eliminate wrinkles before wearing it.

Gentlemen, To sum it up:

  • Suits are made of delicate fabric not denim, so clean only when needed.
  • Don’t dry clean your suits because they need to be pressed.
  • Iron and steam them if they need to be pressed.
  • Only dry clean your suits when they are stained and dirty (aim for once or twice a season)
  • The more you dry clean, the faster your suit will wear out.


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