The Must Read Guide for Matching Suits and Shoes

It goes without saying that the clothes make the man – but too often, a man’s shoes take them a step backward. Finding the perfect shoes to complete your look is an art, but it’s not rocket science.

Classic Black Suit

For that classic, sleek black suit, the only real option is a black shoe. Watch that it’s not patent leather – you want the shoes to complete the outfit, not compete with the outfit. That shine can come into play with a grey or navy ensemble. Deep black shoes with a bright, glossy shine best complement dark navy, light navy, and heather grey.

Navy Suit

With navy, you get a bit more leeway than black without sacrificing that dark hue. Navy pairs extremely well with brown shoes, and depending on the shade of blue, you can experiment a bit. Lighter navies can work with medium to light browns, but dark navy deserves dark brown, and nothing less. However, to spice up that limitation, find variety in details like buckles instead of laces on the shoe.


Grey Suit

In the realm of greys,there is the option of the previously mentioned black patent leather, but there is also the option of coupling grey with a pair of brown shoes. The darker the grey, the darker the brown you’re going to want to stay with. So for each of your fifty shades of grey, you can match fifty shades of brown.


White Suit

Interestingly enough, one of the hardest colors to pull off in a suit can be worn in tandem with the most plentiful variety of shoes. Yes, that would be white. A white suit is the one and only opportunity you have to wear white shoes. Of course, you can wear any shade of brown and even black shoes too.


Brown Suit

Naturally when brown comes into play on top, brown is necessary on the bottom. Much like white, a champagne or light khaki suit allows more play with shoe combinations. These are the colors where any shade of brown is fair game, simple black works, and faded navy becomes a viable option. When the brown takes on a hint of olive green, a dark brown or matte black shoe works like a charm.


They say the devil’s in the details, and the perfect shoes are that necessary detail to step up your clothing game. To know more about how to perfectly match your suit with your shoes, book an appointment with us today.